Broadcasting in short is the very essence of combining audio and video content to millions of widespread population from around the world by means of mass communication - electronics forum.

The rapid demand for HD programs and different methods to circulate, develop and deploy is ever increasing onward.

Government bodies often talk of digitalization on regular basis and this has driven the industry to greater heights in deliverability of multi-facet, high end technology in the broadcasting sector of the world. This event supports exhibitors to optimize opportunities, enable/enhance exchange of relevant information, facilitate global trade ties as industries from different parts of the world are participating.

Keeping above said in mind Mr.R.Srinivas the Chief Executive Officer Organizing the Mega Expo Show “Digital Space India 2019” from 4th - 6th July 2019 at the CHENNAI TRADE CENTRE - Tamil Nadu, India.

The overall vision of such a mega show is to bring together major organizations, companies, corporates, hard core professionals, suppliers, eager customers, futuristic visionists and industry stalwarts from the broadcasting and entertainment arena to the forefront by means of displaying their products and services that will be a treat to the eye!

Exhibitors will be in full attendance to and make a difference thus, challenging the very dynamics of how we look at broadcasting and entertainment.
Broadcasting, entertainment, products and services will run concurrently alongside cine field national cable tv providers, broadband, IPTV, internet TV, suppliers etc on the same given days.

Broadcast Product Profile

On display is 2D/3D Animation, lighting, MPEG, Asset Management, Multimedia, Audio, Music, Broadband, Outside Broadcast, Broadcast production, Archive, Cable, radio, cameras, Recorders, Satellite, Servers, Special Visual effects, Video Streaming, Desktop Video, Systems design, Digital film, Television, 210 film, Test and measurement, Grip, Transmission, Graphics Webcasting, Interactive Media, Video, Widescreen and Internet.

  • Advertising Agencies Film / Television Studios,
  • Audio 7 post Production Film Exhibitors ,
  • Cable & Satellite Companies Theatre Owners,
  • Cinematography Recording Studios,
  • Videography Stage production,
  • Computer Graphics System designers
  • Animation, Television stations,
  • Digital Visual Effects facilities TV 7 Radio Broadcasters.
  • Duplication 7 Replication Sector,