About Us


Organization was founded in 1996 under the banner - Space Electronics by R. Srinivas - Founder & Managing Director who developed his vision for the company by becoming a world renowned ‘front line enterprise’ in the field of development & transformation of digitalization of Cable Television/Broadcasting business through means of high end technology built on solid foundation.

In view of the competitive tech savvy market due to globalization, national enterprises have to find various means to bridge the gap when importing overseas technology.

Organizational Values and Mission for the immediate future

Digital Space India values have allowed for momentous growth, both on the national & international platform, while maintaining the essential spirit on the basis on which it founded the parental company, Space Electronics, ideals, values & mission.

Our goal and long term mission is - 'bridging the gap between technology, and the need of the hour’!

Today, Digital Space India has driven itself fast forward thus, bridging and bonding the multicultural base of more than 500 collaborators providing display of products and services in the cable TV/Broadcasting & Entertainment sector on international & international basis.

Government of India - Making in India is aptly urging professionals and organizations to firmly place emphasis on digitalization in India thus, making our daily life devoid of human interaction and more dependent on technology as time zips by.