Cable TV Operators

Cable TV/Satellite, Broadband, Internet, Equipment Manufactures and Providers/Services:

The evolution of Cable TV and its likes is soaring higher in terms of reaching out to the consumer of today, thus, delivering a system of television programming through robust means that meet the demand of the global audiences via the (RF) radio frequency signals that is transmitted through coaxial cables or in more state of the art technology, light pulses or fiber optic cables. Broadcasting of multiple programs is thus possible when the television signal is transmitted over the air by radio waves and in turn received by the television antenna that is attached to the television /satellite television, the television receives the signal transmitted by communications satellite orbiting the Earth which beams the signal back and is thoroughly received by the satellite dish that is mounted on the roof of a consumer’s house top to light up the television programs when switched on.

A cable channel or cable network is a television network readily available via cable television. High speed internet and non television services may also be got through the same cables.

The abbreviation CATV is often referred to or used in the Cable TV domain and simply means Community Access Television or Community Antenna Television.