World of Digitalisation

The world of electronics that started by the dominant analogue signal that represent a constant and continuous flow of values. In a real world of digital electronics and in circuitry language there are only two states on and off, which is also referred to as 1 and 0, respectively. Digital information has its deep rooted origin since the Victorian era wherein George Boole developed his idea of the Boolean algebra that made amends in the field of Digitization.
Today, every single moment and aspect of our daily lives is rapidly, increasingly becoming integrated and constantly connected by the Internet of Things ( IOT), which ideally consists of high end computers and embedded systems. All of these components and devices are strongly controlled by day to day software emerging which again is at the core of the Boolean Logic & in conjunction with digital information.
Digital Electronics is spreading to new industrial avenues and the Internet of Things (IOT) is certainly opened up new challenges and opportunities for many industries and the only tool possibly required is a Creative Imagination!
Although traditional, electronic components and devices is still available and prominent in the market today is, now being challenged and joined by new application sectors where digital information is most preferred and in constant demand – the mass communication sector, health, transportation, traffic , sport , over all security and environmental arena is by and large fully integrated themselves and their industry with the world of Digitization. The opportunities within the digital electronics field is travelling at lightning speed to all other untapped industries who now clamor and embrace the new bolt from the blue, such is the viable usage of digital inputs in a world of changes!
We are constantly surrounded by what we call ‘Analogue’, but with every passing minute, hour and day our interaction with the same is becoming more digital and highly integrated hence, our choice to embrace digitization for the better is inevitable!
Thus, hosting regular trade events in such a lucrative field is mandatory for the modern day living standard!